For educators, it is possible at any time to get the master data of their class(es) and the current status of the results achieved by the students.

After entering the class code, the master data of this class is displayed and can optionally be printed or saved via the button [GENERATE PDF]. With a click on the button [CLASS RESULTS] the performances of your students can be retrieved in various presentations and summaries and downloaded as PDF.

The access code of each participating student and the points or percentages achieved in the task groups completed so far are displayed.

The students themselves receive individual feedback on the overall result directly after completing the last task of a task group. In addition, at the end of a task group, it is possible to view all tasks again as immediate feedback via the button [SHOW SOLUTIONS] and to compare one's own solution with the correct one. With the button [OVERALL RESULT] it is possible to switch back to the page with the results and to leave the task group with the button [FINISH]. In addition, students can also call up a summary of their previous results for all completed task groups in the menu [FOR STUDENTS] -> [YOUR RESULTS] by entering their individual access code.