If you want to improve your spatial thinking skills you are very welcome on this website. Primary and secondary school students as well as university students can train their spatial thinking skills in a variety of scientifically based ways. The website offers an incredible number of task groups for free with a total of more than 1.500 interactive tasks. With the help of the task groups of this website the spatial thinking skills of students can be diagnosed by educators on a class-by-class or individual basis.
All the task groups are designed in such a way that they can directly be integrated into lessons and many components of spatial thinking can be trained in a playful way. Each task group consists of 20 to 60 tasks, which take between 15 up to 45 minutes to complete.

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The green areas are for educators, the orange ones for students. 
At the beginning you have to create a new class [1] >> Then a task group can be activated for this class [2] >>
Now the learners can start and complete the activated task group [3] >> After that the individual results and class results are available at [4].