How can I work with RIF 3.0 as a student?

You will receive an individual access code from your educator. This code is exclusively for you. With this access code you can enter the platform [Link]. After entering the access code and clicking on [NEXT], the task group activated by your teacher will open automatically and you can start completing the tasks of this task group.

How many tasks in a task group do I have to complete?

Make sure that you actually try to complete all tasks of a task group. Only if you complete all tasks, your performance will be displayed after the last task and your educator will see that you have completed the task group.

If you cannot solve a task, you have two options:
- you can click on [SKIP] and skip the task for the moment or
- you can make a guess and click on the solution that seems to be the most suitable for you.
All skipped tasks will be displayed again at the end of the task group for you to complete.

Can I change wrong solutions?

You can change your solution as long as you are still on the same task. Once a solution has been submitted, you can no longer change this solution.
Hints for changing solutions: see [FAQ]

How and where can I see my results?

After you have completed the last task of a task group, the number and percentage of correctly solved tasks will be displayed automatically. If you additionally want to know which tasks you have solved correctly or incorrectly, you can click the button [SHOW SOLUTIONS] on the last page of a task group to look at all tasks again and compare your own solution with the correct one. With the button [OVERALL RESULT] you switch back to the page with your results and can leave the task group with the button [FINISH] (see also FAQ).

Further information
- It is not possible to start an already completed task group a second time.
- You receive exactly one point for each completely correctly solved task.